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Consul Spiridion Foresti.

Id: 0657
Subject: International
Category: Letter
Language: English
Archive: The National Archives
Collection: FO: Records created or inherited by the Foreign Office
Reference: FO 42
Folder: FO 42/2 1793-1797
Dispatch date: 27-11-1793
Dispatcher: Foresti Spiridion (Grand Vizier)
Recipient: Grenville (The Right Honorable Lord)
Tags: International     


The Right Honbl. Lord Grenville
His Majesty’s principal Secretary
of State for Foreign Affairs

My Lord,

I also learn that the above French Frigates and sloops of war had stopped a Venetian Ship in the Archipelago, which had been trading in the Black Sea and carried her into Smyrna. It is common for Venetian vessels as well as those of other nations when they wish to enter the Black Sea, to obtain the necessary papers at Constantinople for wearing the Russian flag, which papers with the flag on their return from the Black Se, they are again obliged to deposit deposit at Constantinople, which it would appear the Venetian ship to stopped had neglected, and having been visited by the French frigates, these papers with the flag were found in board, in consequence whereof she was carried by the them into Smyrna, alleging her to be Russian property. She had not been however been condemned as a prize when the advice left Smyrna.

I have the honor to be
With profound respect
My Lord
Your Lordships
Most obedient and Devoted Humble Servant
Spiridion Foresti

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